China & Friends

The cultural output and accomplishments of China are precious gems of world heritage, but something went terribly wrong in the mind and heart of the nation with the cultural revolution — have they forgotten the wisdom of their own ancient Masters? Why would China trade all the wonders of its distinctiveness just to beat the capitalists at their own ignoble game? The West is beneath you, unworthy of your emulation. Reclaim the Light of your honorable legacy! Save us from ourselves by remembering the greatness you were!


Integrity ripples only from a clear and PURE nation – “the center of the universe” – 中



(9:40) “We don’t hear about it much today, but the theory of eugenics was [/is] the dominant institution of thought . . . based on ‘research’ that was funded by ruling class families like the Rockefellers . . . the white, wealthy elite reached the self-serving conclusion that they had reached such ridiculous levels of wealth not by robbing the working class but because they were genetically superior.”


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.43.06 PM


“the follow the $ meme”


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