The Objectification of BIOLOGICAL Persons

Our subjectivity has been prejudicially digitized into the object of their choosing.

 they have even named the apparatus of our oppression “Sky Net”

 “caught red-handed”

“obey or be destroyed”

hacking innocence

“we are being judged in secret” – pigeonholed‬ –
“the common law rule preventing the admission of hearsay”

(37:00) “the other is our own”

Double Government…
(20:00) “how could the equilibrium have broken down?”
“congress, the presidency, and the courts will end up as institutional museum pieces.”


     The Nosey Smurfs

Destroying King

“with modern technology, Martin Luther King wouldn’t stand a chance”

“the hyperlink conflict matrix”

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed” – pity the brilliant fools, they know not what they do- there are no closed doors through which they cannot see through {NOBUS}

how it learns to destroy us optimally – and how they learn who to exclude from their neo social Darwinist society

“The reason the Germans were so shocked by the Snowden revelations is that it was suddenly clear they were living under permanent surveillance, when one of the big ideological campaigns in West Germany had to do with the evils of the Stasi, who, it was said, spied on everyone all the time. Well, the Stasi didn’t have the technical capacity for ubiquitous spying – on the scale of surveillance, the United States is far ahead of West Germany’s old enemy.”

“Why spy? Because it’s cheaper than playing fair. Our networks have given the edge to the elites, and unless we seize the means of information, we are headed for a long age of IT-powered feudalism, where property is the exclusive domain of the super-rich, where your surveillance-supercharged Internet of Things treats you as a tenant-farmer of your life, subject to a license agreement instead of a constitution.”

“There’s an implied max/min problem here: the intersection of a curve representing the amount of wealth you need to spend on guards to maintain stability in the presence of a widening rich/poor gap and the amount you can save on guards by creating social mobility through education, health, and social welfare is the point at which you should stop paying for cops and start paying for hospitals and schools.”

“Oh oh, I, I want all of your mind
Give me all of your mind
I want all of your mind
Give me all of it”

Joseph Weizenbaum Computer Power and Human Reason, 1976

the “Fach Idiot” (160)

“the range of one’s responsibilities must be commensurate with the range of the effects of one’s actions” (261)

“But such [speech-recognition] listening machines, could they be made, will make monitoring of voice communication very much easier than it now is. Perhaps the only reason that there is very little government surveillance of telephone conversations in many countries of the world is that such surveillance takes so much manpower. Each conversation on a tapped phone must eventually be listened to by a human agent. But speech-recognizing machines could delete all ‘uninteresting’ conversations and present transcripts of only the remaining ones to their masters.” (271-2)

One would have to be astonished if Lord Acton’s observation that power corrupts were not to apply in an environment in which omnipotence is so easily achievable. It does apply. And the corruption evoked by the computer programmer’s omnipotence manifests itself in a form that is instructive in a domain far larger than the immediate environment of the computer. To understand it, we will have to take a look at a mental disorder that, while actually very old, appears to have been transformed by the computer into a new genus: the compulsion to program.” (115)


“No matter the verdict, suspicion lasts forever. Innocent until proven guilty has been replaced with suspicious until determined otherwise. Think of it as a new shadow system of national identification for a shadow government that is increasingly averse to operating in the light. It’s an ID its “owners” don’t carry around with them, yet it’s imposed on them whenever they interact with government agents or agencies. It can alter their lives in disastrous ways, often without their knowledge. And they could be you. If this sounds dystopian, that’s because it is.”


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