antisex feminism & identitarianism

The rich require no titillating simulacra because their women view men as money objects and their men have the money and thus the women—because with the money comes all the other attractors, and without the money, the other attractors are vastly more difficult to obtain absent sheer luck.  The asexual and homoerotic have a place in the pleasant world, oddly enough, so long as they do what they are told.  But the outcasts possessed by the inexorable instincts of deep time, the biological persons of obscure origin, have nothing but unreality.  Some poor have each other.  This is what the poor with communities and the rich with their wealth and privilege do not understand: not everyone has what they have.  Some of us have nothing but the disadvantages.  Our appearance of advantage only expands the disadvantage.  Some of us have no one but ourselves.  Some of us, for example, had to grow up surrounded by rich kids but were not ourselves rich. If we knew who we were, if we knew who else fell into this non-categorical category, we could have communities just like any other identity polis, but we are surrounded only by enemies, waiting for the time when the barriers of all will be broken, so we can find our brothers and sisters who are behind these walls that divide and conquer us.  The ghetto is not the worst part of town.  The worst neighborhood is the ghetto of one.  In the ghetto of one, there is no association, no anti-defamation league, no solidarity with others similarly excluded, no sharing of pain and no communal dream of an emancipated future.
“Don’t try to impose your prudery and body fascism onto other people anymore than you’d want them to impose their values on you.”
“Elitist cunts are no better, either. The upper classes just have better lingerie, better coke, and more privacy. All sorts of things go on behind closed doors and expensive houses have the strongest, thickest doors to hide one’s animalistic tendencies. The semblance of sexual purity, much like dildos and fun-times with prostitutes, is a price-tagged privilege.”

(49:00) Judith Butler style feminism is burying its head in the sand not to familiarize itself with emerging neuroscience – “it’s a capitulation”

(9:40) Societies organized as male dominance hierarchies are inherently unstable, violent, and authoritarian. Intersectionality unites, identitarianism sets us against ourselves.

“the misuse of identity politics as a form of anti-politics . . . identity politics has been cynically manipulated by the power elites to refuse to actually redistribute power to the oppressed and in particular poor people of color and perhaps especially women.”

Nari Shakti‬ –

“political calculation not moral conviction”
“there’s a difference between substance and symbol”

addiction is an adaptation to the environment
rat park is not a state where brainwashing perception would work (‘just meditate’), but a social circumstance in which the application of a meditative insincerity would be revolting — the rich will not get away with making the dispossessed substitute meditation for privation

(but is there any difference in saying that X is such and such and in saying that someone is “addicted” to, for instance, breathing, is “obsessed” with, say, inhaling and exhaling — charges of “addiction” and “obsession” just become a means of rewording a prejudiced moralism or a politicised moralism into a word that rings falsely with the authority of science)

dope us into docility – women are being medicated into being more submissive


“petite bourgeois moralism”

“magical voluntarism”


anti-sex feminism is a perverse reproduction of Victorian prejudices aimed at oppressing the sexuality of the lower classes – prohibitions are just a diversion from the real problem, that is, the state and elites’ deployment of the power of a taboo (socio-historically constructed) to silence and frustrate any opponents who happen not to be asexual. The reproductive system is not contraband!,_Naples

the culture of anti class-miscegenation,

the culture of bottle-necking exclusionary spheres and inequality eugenics

“laying claim to power they don’t have elsewhere”
“Let’s save our most searing scorn for those who most deserve it”


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