Kropotkin paper

murmuration :: Vibrio paxillifer “we might wonder whether a higher order that mere chance unites them . . . a final hypothesis might be crystalloid bodies”

the advanced knowing of non-conscious processes – discursive thought is not the only intelligence that exists in the natural world –

“and they call me a mystic”
– mystery is not an illness, not knowing is not a disease, being critical of neoDarwinism can be sage (don’t fall into the trap of their false dichotomy, their straw man cast typing; just because you’re not a neoDarwinist doesn’t mean you’re thinking is pre-Galileian; just because you know something can’t be the answer in full, doesn’t mean you accept a false answer; if an argument fails to persuade, refuse to passively accept the intellectual coercions of authority and the current vogue)

“Anyone who makes this kind of ad hominem criticism exposes himself, doesn’t he? I mean, if their argument is just based on provocative adjectives about me rather than the substance of the issue, then…”


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