precrime ~ the cart before the horse ~ unjust tautologies

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“285. If someone is looking for something and perhaps roots around in a certain place, he shows that he believes that what he is looking for is there.” Ludwig Wittgenstein, On Certainty

One’s ideology is basic to the conceptual scheme by which he interprets all experiences.

automated prejudice, computerized profiling…/409165-55-201110-iss-iad-t1-……/409178-69-201110-iss-iad-t5-…

typecast n’‬ ‪blacklist

yet another case of precrime fortune-telling deployed to smear political opposition

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“stasi” = US Political Police, the Plutocrats’ Secret Police, the same fiefdom that tried to get King to kill himself and when that didn’t work, the one’s who had the motive to kill him themselves, the people who weaponize sexuality to shame their victims into killing themselves after they’ve destroyed their livelihood through slander


zersetzung – “we didn’t send anyone, we took those who were around you”

(0:53:00) “you may wish you had done something then”

the witch-hunt witchcraft of anticipatory/preemptive prosecution —


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