Iatrogenic Disease: Psychologizing to Degrade The Oppressed

“this conversion of depression, disaffection, into political anger” (37:00)

“the whole explanation for why you are feeling down was denied”

(11:25) “what they are expressing is not illness but insight”
(16:10) “didn’t take them out into the sunshine . . . didn’t involve the community, instead . . .”


Governments can be hyper-paranoid about their citizens (fear them irrationally) in the absence of evidence, but citizens can’t ever be right about their governments given an abundance of evidence.


Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 8.44.58 AM

(52:18) “eventhough it’s complicated, you got to do something” – modulation (if then clauses) – (44:40) “extend a realm of empathy, a realm not of judgement but of protection – when we are saying ‘we are healthy’ we are merely saying we have the same diseases everybody else does” https://www.youtube.com/watch…


“to locate problems and solutions in broken brains rather than sick social structures.”

behaviorism is a simpleton pseudoscience


‪Indignation‬ – tear down this Black Iron Prison!
‪The Empire Never Ended‬

“I have come to refer to these dynamics as ‘synaptic peace-keeping,’ arguing that the diagnosing and drugging of people based on their potential madness is a biopolitical apparatus that mimics Agamben’s observation that our post 9/11 US political climate is characterized by an increasing move toward security, or ‘regulating disorder,’ alongside and beyond discipline, or ‘producing order.'”



“Massumi too documents how pre-emptive practices mean that threat can never be falsified, thereby propelling people into long-term, self-perpetuating, interventions. Interventions that reproduce the very fears and insecurities that fertilizes their execution in the first place.”

American Mengele




“Every man is on earth to symbolize something he is ignorant of and to realize a particle or a mountain of the invisible materials . . . There is no human being on earth capable of declaring with certitude who he is. No one knows what he has come into this world to do, what his acts correspond to, his sentiments, his ideas, or what his real name is” (leonbloy via Borges)

Think of it:
the hero survives.
Even his ruin
is only another
excuse to continue
a final birth.

-R.M. Rilke, Duino I

no therapist can give you a kin group (fictive or otherwise), a community, or the basic human need for reciprocated love and mutual exchange of value — they can only psychologize you and render the scientistic rationalizations to those who would perpetuate your exclusion

“conceal their ties” – the American love affair with the Nazis
“the perverse relationships”
“they said jews were lazy and not hardworking enough”

9:06) “they never really tried to understand [the people]”
(22:56) emulating the republicans
“systems managers”

“the symptoms of internalized oppression” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdzTdve1n7c#t=1195

“to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority”

“authority is the mask of violence”
– ralph steadman

You are an array of things. We monitor and control your movements. Things, not people. You are to be objectified and your humanity is to be transubstantiated into data points. If you object to your objectification, you will be neutralized. Making the police-corporatocracy palatable, innocuous with nice plastic casings. The Stasi never could have looked so good! https://arrayofthings.github.io/


What a shame it is that the anthros–those supposed paragons of criticality–have been seduced by the anti-human ideology, preferring to unreflectively propagate the echoes of the death knell.
“If algorithms can be people, then so will be corporations, as they already are in the USA. What I declare here today is that neither an algorithm nor a corporation should be a person! “
“To avoid contradictions and ambiguities is to avoid reality. “
“The book is an architecture of human dignity.”
“Becoming a loyal part of a pack is confused with goodness again and again, even – especially! – when the people fancy themselves to be rebels. It is always pack against pack.
The lovely idea of human rights is being confounded by gamesmanship during our present algorithmic era. After generations of thinkers and activists focused on human rights, what happened? Corporations became people, or so said the Supreme Court in the United States! A human right is an absolute benefit, so sneaky players will connive to calculate multiples of that benefit for themselves and their pack-mates. What are we to do with our idea of human rights in America? It’s been inverted.
“Since austerity is coupled with a sharing economy (because certain kinds of sharing provides the data that run the scheme), everyone but the tiny minority on top of the computing clouds experiences a gradual loss of security.
“We must not put each other through purity tests, as if we were cloud algorithms classifying one another for targeted ads.”
“We can learn to be ‘loyal opposition’ within all the institutions we might support or at least tolerate, whether government, business, religion, or anything else. We don’t always need to destroy in order to create. We can and ought to live with a tangle of allegiances. That is how to avoid the clan/hive switch.
“You can not only predict, but you can force patterns into the ways users express themselves, and how they act.”
“We are treating computers as religious objects.”
“We need to consider whether fantasies of machine grace are worth maintaining. In resisting the fantasies of artificial intelligence, we can see a new formulation of an old idea that has taken many forms in the past: “Humanism.”
The new humanism is a belief in people, as before, but specifically in the form of a rejection of artificial intelligence.
“One need not specify whether a divine element is present in a person or not, nor precisely whether certain “edge cases” like bonobos should be considered human beings. Nor must one make absolute judgments about the ultimate nature of people or computers. One must, however, treat computers as less-than-human.
“To some techies, a belief in the specialness of people can sound sentimental or religious, and they hate that. But without believing in human specialness, how can a humanistic society be sought?
“May I suggest that technologists at least try to pretend to believe in human specialness to see how it feels?”

(5:05) “our ecological devastation has summoned these chthulu like hyperobjects to terrorize us” – TM
What is Haraway thinking? Ocean acidification and global temperature rise will endanger the cephalopods just as much as us. Radioactivity and carcinogen manufactures are biohazards. What double think enables otherwise thoughtful people to become apologists for the chemical, petrol, and biotech corporations?

because nobody wanted to say that the emperor has no clothes’

“To pass regulations while leaving in place the boards of directors of private corporations is a bizarre policy that guarantees that you’ve left in place the absolute sworn enemy of the regulations. . . They gave corporate boards of directors an immense incentive to defeat those regulations–to evade them every chance they had, to weaken them, and when the political conditions were possible to get rid of them. And those boards of directors went to work!” “So to regulate our kind of economic system is to impose limits and rules on a group of people with every incentive to undo them and all the resources needed to realize those interests. But in our country, we want to believe that a regulation system of which we have witnessed the complete evisceration during the last fifty years will work this time?” “The conflictual relationship between the people who run things and the people who do the work. That’s why regulations are just things to be undone.”

(9:19) “they were used to being obeyed and deferred to”

“a time comes when silence is betrayal”
“I have called for the radical departure from the destruction”
“they do not know the world in which they live”
“the ambiguity of the total situation”
“a society gone mad on war”


(2:40) “there’s a special pain when your colleagues turn on you”

(30:00 – DG!) “The reason that the far right is taking over so much of that imaginative space is the utter, complete failure of the permissible institutional left to come up with any kind of imaginative vision whatsoever. The mainstream left has embraced democracy and the market at the same time and has created this utterly un-lovable fusion.”
. organizing outside the political order 
. “a re-feudalized global system”
. “they want to be told how to decide,” he says

“the easiness by which the many are governed by the few and the implicit submission with which men resign their own sentiments and passions to those of their rulers”
Lippmann and Bernays – the engineering of consent, 
the public must be marginalized –

An epistemology of the innate and general can’t be completely wrong (the objection is to the scientific method?). Mitigations, corrections and problematizations are always welcome, but humans are not “amoebas.” Principles must exist, not just the apophatic “do no harm” which through negligence and apathy does more harm than good. Although intellectually safe, saying no to everything is effectively a co-opt. Nihilists do not help the poor and war-torn. How are we to know that your diachrony does not merely recapitulate an arbitrary, fiat synchrony? [cf. Historical Metaphors and Mythical Realities] Contingency is not all there is (it’s just a big part)! Why have anthropologists become voyeurs to human misery? Biotic misery? They hide in obfuscation instead, it’s easier that way. They snicker and turn up their noses, preempting dialogue and mutual understanding with a haughty and snide waiving of dismissive hands—arrogance broadcasts their insecurity. A dying breed going extinct that will not make a stand; a discipline that could have so much to offer in this era of extinction, they edge themselves and all their students out into unintelligible irrelevance (while fetishizing the non-comital superficialities of the “cool” and trendy devoid of content, the guru worshiping, the cool aid drinking). Death by cleverness. Death by the slick. I don’t claim to know exactly and sufficiently for the expert scalpel-weilders, but something is very much amiss.

“Then it is when money isn’t being used that justice is useful for it? . . . If a just person is clever at guarding money, therefore, he must also be clever at stealing it. ”
“Then won’t we say the same about human beings, too, that when they are harmed they become worse in human virtue?”
“So, then, Thrasymachus, no one in any position of rule, insofar as he is a ruler, seeks or orders what is advantageous to himself, but what is advantageous to his subject, that one which he practices his craft.”
“Then it is clear now, Thrasymachus, that no craft or rule provides for its own advantage, but, as we’ve been saying for some time, it provides and orders for its subject and aims at its advantage, that of the weaker, not of the stronger.”
Republic I
“National Education”
Brainwashing: it’s here, it’s there.

“the economy is a subsystem of the biosphere”
to frame an economy in terms of popular wellbeing and environmental integrity

“When the unjust judge
Without justice judges,
Horrible, horrible things are done;
But more horrible things are done
When justice judges 
The unjust judge.”
“Spare me, and so shall Allāh spare you! Kill me not, lest He also rise up and slay!”
– Arabian Nights, “The Fisherman and the Jinnī”
“It seems to me unlikely that civilization can survive really existing capitalism and the sharply attenuated democracy that goes along with it.”
“hierarchical and arbitrary power remains at the core of politics in our world and the source of all evils”

“Fools take the prize
And cruelty lives on,
While wisdom dies
And kindness is undone.
If I come free
I’ll swear to change my ways,
And practice ignorance and cruelty
Through all my days.”
– Ryyān the physician to King Yūnān

“Their goal is not so much communication as self-presentation—an overriding defensiveness against any impression that they may be slacker than their peers in hewing to the norms of the guild. Many of the hallmarks of academese are symptoms of this agonizing self-­consciousness.” https://chronicle.com/article/Why-Academics-Writing-Stinks/148989/

“you can just move to the hinterlands and die young!”

“And that is the terrible myth of organized society, that everything that’s done through the established system is legal — and that word has a powerful psychological impact. It makes people believe that there is an order to life, and an order to a system, and that a person that goes through this order and is convicted, has gotten all that is due him. And therefore society can turn its conscience off, and look to other things and other times.
And that’s the terrible thing about these past trials, is that they have this aura of legitimacy, this aura of legality. I suspect that better men than the world has known and more of them, have gone to their deaths through a legal system than through all the illegalities in the history of man.
Six million people in Europe during the Third Reich? Legal.
Sacco Vanzetti? Quite legal.
The Haymarket defendants? Legal.
The hundreds of rape trials throughout the South where black men were condemned to death? All legal.
Jesus? Legal.
Socrates? Legal.
And that is the kaleidoscopic nature of what we live through here and in other places. Because all tyrants learn that it is far better to do this thing through some semblance of legality than to do it without that pretense.”
William Kunstler

(12:07) “by 2000 the machines be producing so much that everyone in the US will in effect be independently wealthy . . . how to use leisure meaningfully will become the nation’s major problem . . . had wages kept up with productivity those numbers would have been accurate”
(23:00) “repression, rebellion, and reformation—again and again . . . sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse”
(25:00) war against the middle class as a punishment for obeying their conscience instead of their masters
“a fundamental realignment in who pays for what” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=039Zh9KBCqY

(56:40) “We have to understand that the corporate state, including the democratic elite, will react the way all calcified states react. They will use the security and surveillance apparatus, they will use military force, sec. 1021, to violently shut down decent. . . . If the response of the corporate state is repression rather than reform, then our strategy and tactics will have to be different. We will have to cease appealing to the state. We will have to view the state, including the democratic establishment, as antagonistic to genuine reform and we will have to speak in the language of overthrow and revolution. ” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5YaqcPEUNc

(36:00) “blueprint for closing an open society”

(9:20) “everything Hitler did was through the law, through the passage of law” What do you do when the law ceases to serve justice, when the law can be purchased from politicians? – in conjunction with zones outside the rule of law
(24:00) a perspective on gun rights 
(41:00) slave mentality and mass surveillance – merger of telecommunications, internet, and government
- “the tacky sex aspect” – stripping you of dignity, prologue to torture – “I wouldn’t want to be that guy’s wife but still . . .” 
(45:00) blackmail and surveillance, the message: ‘we can bring you down’ – ‘this is called a coup’ 
(1:03:00) “it would look like america but there wouldn’t be any freedom . . . people have fun in police states” “they want the world to look like china, lots of labor and no rights” “tough shit to fight, extraordinarily sophisticated”
(1:20:00) spectacles and subsidization – from front organizations right into popular culture – if laws have made it legal to kill americans and legal to propagandize them, then . . .
*** 6 lawyers keeping us from the abyss ***

(7:09) “a witch-hunt to stop hard conversations in universities” 
(13:35) “civility is not an academic norm. It actually runs contrary to what we do in an academic setting. In my teaching, in my writing, I try to unsettle students conformable notions about what rights can do, about what law can do–sometimes law is part of the problem as much as it’s part of the solution”
(16:05) corporatization of the university 

zombie capitalism & philosophical zombies have something in common: no body’s home!


Nils Barricelli
(13:16:40) “as long as you threw out all assumptions and started fresh . . . one of the facets of extreme originality is not to regard as obvious things that lesser minds call obvious, originality can be more important that intelligence and Turing according to Goode constituted as proof . . . Poincaré did quite badly at an intelligence test” “let us praise the uncluttered mind” 
what if intuition could be replaced by ingenuity and ingenuity replaced by brute force search?”
”are we searching the search engines, or are the search engines searching us?”
”this is what Turing defined as an oracle machine . . . the fragments accumulate and the machine would have grown up” [(2.4.9 4:00:00) George Dyson, Turing’s Cathedral]
(33:20) “that’s not what understanding is . . . principles that underlie the system”
(55:00) from oral to literate – “use a capacity you always had”

(22:25) “security for whom? security against whom?”
‘the primary enemy is always the domestic population’
(1:02:00) “look at your cell phone, where did the technology come from, overwhelmingly from the state sector — where cost and risk don’t matter”


“One war-game, said Price, involved environmental activists protesting pollution from a coal-fired plant near Missouri, some of whom were members of the well-known environmental NGO Sierra Club.”

A call for full automation of all robotic activity. Abolish the androidization of human beings through mindless repetition. Model people on gods rather than off autonomata. Liberate the capacities of human creativity, that which differentiates us from the machines. With intelligence on your side, there’s no need for slaves. Life is short; we should be sailing among the stars! Keep ’em busy with exploring the unending universe: no need for oppression when there’s infinity to explore! The division of labor is a fraud on the enslavers. All people have the right to discovery. Let the unfeeling robots do the monotonous tasks, pick up the slack of the liberated serfs, and let the feeling, mindful people discover the universe of unknowns!

Vampire Squid tentacles attack!!
more than a cog


“evil is the exercise of power to dominate and control people”
Power of the Situation/Institutions (schools, for instance)
”there’s a few, they might be called heroes, but the majority obey and people don’t want to hear that” (9:20)
”most people are passive observers. I could have ended it but I allowed it to go on. . . . they refused to empathize with the prisoners because they had dehumanized them, a key in evil, see them not as people but as inferior objects” (15:40)


“There’s room at the top
I am telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile while you kill
If you want to be like all the folks on the hill” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsqgMyxfZVU
(7:07) progress in sci/tech stable but in civilization lessons can be forgotten, with reference to Joseph Conrad – new civilizations and new types of barbarism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmRBHCclzZk

(8:50) “here is the beginning of the self-fulfilling prophecy: the labeling perceiver, thinking that the target is a hostile person, treats him as if he were a hostile person . . . if the target has been labeled as hostile, he inflicts more noise of the labeling perceiver than if he had been labeled as non-hostile . . . that differential treatment has now elicited hostile behavior that confirms the labeler’s expectations”

(12:20) “mid-career change set the clock back on their openness to novelty” {what kind of people make that change . . . }
eminence and rear-guard actions against novelty
– open minds, open hearts –
what are we missing just like we were missing before there was an understanding of non-linear systems?
Free will?
Sapolsky thinks not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cx8xEUYrb74
(I love the backdrop–gates of Hell.) –of course, the prision-industrial complex and the unjust imbalanced society being as it is, the last thing that would happen is rehabilitation and making things better for the weak and disadvantaged. No–the first thing to happen is to exclude and layoff as many people as possible so that the greedy and powerful can have their let-them-eat-cake cake and eat it too!
Chomsky thinks yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NQIaPP6row
Don’t you find this compelling? The pattern in scientific discover of not getting an answer until you stop asking the wrong question and reinvent the paradigm is one of the most profound. The out-of-bounds smacks of mysticism only until it is understood. Experimental logic presupposes determinism. Could you perform an experiment, could an apparatus even be called an experiment, if it were indeterminate? I think this is more than a cheap shot — philosophy can be decisive too.
(1:05:20) anterior cingulate “depression is a disease of pathological sensitivity to the pains of life and the world” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anterior_cingulate_cortex
(1:14:20) regulatory sequences, transcription factors [95%]


Driving one another into extinction!
(52:22) “something got lost in the wires . . . wipes out the cooperation – tit for tat strategies are vulnerable to signal error” – Daniel Ellsberg: ‘the optimal benefits of perceived madness’
(1:22:00) females – A. want vicious brutes (high dimorphism, killers — fathers who abandon their children — tournament species — die young — 5% winners) // or B. kindness (low dimorphism, caregivers — female cuckholdry — pair bonding — longevity) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Oa4Lp5fLE&list=PL848F2368C90DDC3D
“It no longer makes sense to think of genetics and culture as two separate uninteracting monoliths.”

(2:30) bored in relationships because conversation lacks depth
“We need to figure out ways to go beyond the capitalist lottery” – I’ve heard you end with variations of that empty placeholder conclusion over and over in articles – just admit there is no better way!

(1:26:00) the nurture assumption – [harms of the peer group] 
(developmental sociolinguistics) – standing of parents determines access into peer groups
(1:35:40) – who jumps in the river to save the downing? reflexive morality
”Shame is a negative judgment about the core self, which is devastating: Shame makes children feel small and worthless, and they respond either by lashing out at the target or escaping the situation altogether.”
Displacement aggression – turning on neighbors (not superiors), amplifying tensions of existing hierarchical structure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtVfoIkVSu8

(54:40) – who is the shepherd?
(1:17:40) “It means that journalism, like the arts, like the humanities, are being pushed to the margins of society. Anything that has the capacity to speak to truth or beauty or transformation, in a corporate state as in all totalitarian states, are being crushed.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh9j_SdDM1A&feature=player_embedded



Hippocampal Functions in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 
(1:00:00) a low-ranking individual exhibits physiology of depression, learned helplessness in stable dominance hierarchies
- high rank has all the psychological advantages of dominance
(1:16:00) socially disconnected males higher mortality, health risk
“The only problem arises when some individuals attempt to use the student loan opportunity to fund dubious, questionable majors–especially those in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. While degrees in these fields have their place, they are obvious drains to the economic social good of the nation, and therefore would be better as “fun” electives taken along the way while students undertake more vigorous–and socially useful–fields of study. Remember, readers of the Savage Minds “weblog,” it’s not the government’s fault that you decided to study a non-productive, non-lucrative field. Think twice about studying questionable, non-productive fields such as Art History and Anthropology. Use the student loan opportunity to propel yourself–and America–forward. ”
in·dig·na·tion noun \ˌin-dig-ˈnā-shən\: anger caused by something that is unfair or wrong – what do you call a slave revolt? “emotionally driven?” http://news.uchicago.edu/article/2014/03/27/brain-scans-link-concern-justice-reason-not-emotion

*when they talked about how they inevitably won the rigged game, they talked about what they had done*

maybe in the future Hollywood would hire instead of screenwriters dreamrecorders and shift a comparatively unimaginative dream machine into overdrive (in a techno-empathy people could not help but to get it, or at least to experience the primary experience for a time)–collectively reworking real dreams–what are dreams but virtual reality simulations? even the emotions that couple with the images could be stimulated in the minds of second parties–but part of art is its autonomy, that we inject our own interpretations in a cloud of relevance we can relate to through an argument–interpretations of interpretations, emotions on the theme of emotions, your own Hollywood, relevant to the exigencies of time-specific life, insightful and edifying, let’s share the primary material of our subjectivities, the medium not mediating so much as the touching of subjectivities, the auspicious mistakes of a medium could be added but not by default, the uncontrolled newness would situate at the site of meeting minds, and we could experience what is in fact in the minds of others in mirroring neurons and then touch upon our own interpretations and share. Echoes would produce new voices. A story told in virtual echo chambers would elicit a chorus from interested caverns and vice versa–there could even be a compiled dream, aggregate of all dreamers involved, and what would such a collective dream say–communities and polities of all dimensions could share and derive a dream statistic–dreams of the invaded set up in dialogue with dreams of the invaders, and all who participated could not but help to see the other’s perspective–novel solutions arise; instructive mythologies to address situations current and impending–practical dreaming–or “impractical” fantasy–the imagination is only irrelevant so long as it is uncommunicated http://www.nature.com/news/scientists-read-dreams-1.11625 I like what KK says about Mozart: who would he have been without the keyboards and orchestration? Would he have had to invent them, or would he have forgotten virtues undisclosed? Specifically, KK was thinking that individuals possess potentials which technologies unlock; a particular genius of creative expression would remain unknown without the concomitant technological mode. I need a dream machine. Does everyone have amazing dreams? If only we could objectify and project outward the inner phantasmagoria. Then perhaps we would rediscover an appreciation for the ‘subjective.’ There are hidden potentials all around us, all we need is the means of broadcasting what is exciting in us. The worth of a value is enacted through display. If the poor were revealed to be the royalty of their own imaginations through technology, they would cease to be impoverished.




5:20) ‘a great suction machine’ https://www.youtube.com/watch…

what character of creatures would a mutual aid simulation produce? (kropotkin vs. sociobiology) –

“we should “expand the floor of the cage.” We know we’re in a cage. We know we’re trapped. We’re going to expand the floor, meaning we will extend to the limits what the cage will allow. And we intend to destroy the cage. But not by attacking the cage when we’re vulnerable, so they’ll murder us. That’s completely correct. You have to protect the cage when it’s under attack from even worse predators from outside, like private power. And you have to expand the floor of the cage, recognizing that it’s a cage. These are all preliminaries to dismantling it. Unless people are willing to tolerate that level of complexity, they’re going to be of no use to people who are suffering and who need help, or, for that matter, to themselves.” http://www.chomsky.info/interviews/199704–.htm

encourager le outré! https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/d%C3%A9class%C3%A9#French

“alienated in their own society” – appropriation or an attempt at resistance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdkacynWk6M


“The cruelties of property and privilege are always more ferocious
than the revenges of poverty and oppression. For the one aims at perpetuating resented injustice, the other is merely a momentary
passion soon appeased.”

provide alternatives (40:00) – stigmatize instead the invisible but very real blood on the hands of the beneficiaries of status quo injustice! — stigmatize the situational, not the individual http://www.democracynow.org/2014/1/6/drugs_arent_the_problem_neuroscientist_carl

“The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness.” VH

“There is no power that has not its dependents. There is no fortune that has not its court. The seekers of the future eddy around the splendid present. . . . Their prosperity is crumbled up behind the scenes, into nice little promotions. . . . that he ‘did not take’ in Paris. . . We live in the midst of a gloomy society. Success; this is the lesson that falls drop by drop from the slope of corruption. . . . Succeed: theory. Prosperity argues capacity. . . . Gilding is gold. . . . With the constellations of space they confound the stars of the abyss that are made in the soft mire of the puddle by the feet of ducks.” LM47-49


“if you are not among the favored guests at the table . . . you are on the menu.” “our ruling class recruits and renews itself not through meritocracy but rather by taking into itself people whose most prominent feature is their commitment to fit in.” “this class requires above all comity — being in with the right people, giving the required signs that one is on the right side, and joining in despising the Outs. Once an official or professional shows that he shares the manners, the tastes, the interests of the class, gives lip service to its ideals and shibboleths, and is willing to accommodate the interests of its senior members, he can move profitably among our establishment’s parts.” “As the 19th century ended, the educated class’s religious fervor turned to social reform: they were sure that because man is a mere part of evolutionary nature, man could be improved, and that they, the most highly evolved of all, were the improvers.” http://spectator.org/articles/39326/americas-ruling-class-and-perils-revolution






people being compromised by false allegations


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