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neuroplasticity – you get the people you make, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to exclude those whom your society made malformed through privation, negligence, and indifference

the rich use their ill-bought, ill-conceived intelligence to entrench the emiseration of the many; social Darwinism is a self-fulfilling structure, an obscene circularity of injustice — but just because the oppressed haven’t the IQ, head start, and polish, doesn’t mean they don’t know who the real enemy is . . . What could be more morally reprehensible than to use your strength against the weak? The smart rich must be toppled before they find it reasonable to further degrade and diminish us!

28:12) the unaware self-awareness or self-aware obliviousness
the societies within society, the walls of the exclusionary spheres
the millionaire/upper middle classes complain about the billionaires but then they disparage and shut out the middles/lowers, the lowers are told to blame the educated and honor the pseudo-selfmade billionaires — every segment has an upper and lower divide, the divisive subdivisions of divisions, if the upper middles would educate and embrace the lowers instead of distancing themselves from and insulting them, then maybe we could take our communities back from the death-grip of the billionaires, the upper middles dig their own grave when they refuse to fraternize with the lower depths on a level beyond the token
— the upper middles act against their own interests just as much as they claim the poor acts against theirs when they fail to join in solidarity with the poor themselves, the upper middles are to the lowers what the billionaires are to the millionaires – WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH THE UPPER MIDDLES?
— the upper middles must admit that meritocracy is an illusion, or else, make it true and share with the rest of us (“we deserve it because we worked hard” — well, the starving would work hard if they had the chance to!)- they’re almost worse than the billionaires in a Dantesque way, the hypocrisy and false conscience compounding the ill deed – a coarse brigand is preferable to a sly brigand, even if the coarse brigand’s brigandry is quantitatively greater – the Coriolanus effect: at least he wouldn’t consent to the hypocrisy but said what the Patricians really thought of the poor, there is more pride in prideful hypocrisy than in honest conceit
— of all the people you’d think the upper middles would understand but from the point of view of the lowers, they’re the same as the billionaires, why can’t they understand this? stop calling us stupid, we’re fighting back with mythologies and outre theories (disdained knowledges) that uplift us where neither you nor the billionaires would lift a finger! (if you smart people weren’t so stupid yourselves, you’d realize it’s not stupidity but is actually a rational response, but that doesn’t conform with your narrative of your innate superiority and our pre-determined subordination)
— the correctives don’t hold, one step forward and two steps back
— Obama’s turn: valorization of government as a viable alternative to that class of “independent” big business – there it is, the state as business instead of business against the state – insidious alliance

Down with hierarchy! Down with the arbitrary arbitrations!


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