people are not antisocial, society is antipeople

how the herd murders the others legal –

(49:50) the alienated are murdered slow but sure

“most bullied kids suffer in silence”

‘~bullies are popular and cool, have positive self-views, they know exactly how to hurt the feelings of others’ – starting at (14:30)

America never became the Great Society, but we did become the ‪‎bully‬ society! There’s a social reason for when people feel there’s no reason to live. Suicide is a failure of community. “the culture of ‪#‎conformity‬”

emotional = physical pain
exclusion – closed Society
inequality is exclusion is hierarchy is violence

It takes a village. But what of the de classe youth? the shunned, the un-kin, the rejected and rebuked? The low are made lower; the high, higher. Of their own they declare the talent is brow-born, attributable to no rigged environs of course, while those that fall through the cracks are destined to be slaves to the golden ones. But these gold, behind the all-convincing veneer, are the most vile of the vile. Not only was the playing field never level, the other team never played by the rules. For their own they open up the exclusionary spheres, for the dejected they have prisons. One gate, everyone is jostling to get in; the other gate, everyone wants out. Inclusion is sacrificed to the glories of competition: “it’s hard enough to get our own in, let alone the commoners! Let’s do everything we can to keep them out! Let’s make chance obstacles grounds for their disqualification, blame the low children for what’s not their fault, while we exalt our children for the fluke of good birth by calling it talent.” Low children, if only you knew the chicanery of those upper-middles and above, of the conceits and unfair advantages. The rich are like us, don’t let them tell you different, only they have all of the advantages and few of the disadvantages while the abject have all of the disadvantages and little of the advantages.

(17:00) shame can be arbitrary, “emotional tyranny,” “could just decide on a whim they don’t like you,” commies use group shaming (think Khmer Rouge, think Chinese cultural revolution) ‪#‎casteCommies‬


“We need to start judging people by what they do, not by what they look like.” “Our culture’s obsession with image is holding us all back.”

In our upside down society: the “bad” are made worse, the “less” are made lesser. “. . . a giddy intoxication with illusion, that’s what happens when societies die. We don’t have ideals anymore. We’ve bought into this celebrity culture, it’s all about presentation.”
[CH 4:00]

“the people demand we crush the damned vermin”
1937 Great Terror

The Superior Beings & the Great Betrayal
‪‎Caste Commies‬

The torturers use science to destroy their targets – “Neurophysiological research suggests that noises first activate the amygdalae, clusters of neurons located in the temporal lobes of the brain, associated with memory formation and emotion. The activation prompts an immediate release of stress hormones like cortisol. People who live in consistently loud environments often experience chronically elevated levels of stress hormones.”

let’s not blame the victims: there are plenty of people who are empathic & outrospective AND atomized & alienated – the bully society murders its lonely victims decades before their time – but it is a slow and multifactorial death and so the perpetrators go unpunished – “BULLY PEOPLE frequently feel that they are the best, are often self-obsessed and lack empathy with others. They reject others and invoke social distance, which is the true cause of loneliness.” – how you inflect and interpret–spin– the data matters – if the non-lonely people had empathy, there wouldn’t be lonely people (failure to include in an unequal society) – if the non-lonely people cared about inclusion and were brave enough to risk the narcissism of saving face by studiously distancing themselves from the de classé, then there wouldn’t be lonely people – treat the disease of loneliness by marginalizing the bullies instead of marginalizing their victims and by shaming the bully system at large, not by stigmatizing those who suffer the damages – the real disease is in the bullies of the bully society – outcasts are the last vestiges of conscience, the last sane elements of an insane society that drives out all that is good and rewards only iniquity – the glib and superficially charming are not lonely – the normative is pathological and the ostracized stand up for what is right
nice guys really hate you –


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