trade bamboozles


They must have something to hide.
Transparency for the under classes, secrecy for the corporatocracy—our new feudal lords. Sovereignty for the rich and powerful, debt peonage for the vassals.

Robert Reich
“President Obama said Friday the Democrat’s criticism of the Trans Pacific Partnership that “gets on [his] nerves the most” is the allegation that the pact is “secret.” Well, in fact, it is. The draft agreement is a classified document — making it illegal for the media, experts, or the general public to review it. Yesterday, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Sherrod Brown asked the President to make public the full text of the treaty public before Congress votes on a “fast track” bill that would strip the legislative branch of its authority to amend it. “Members of Congress should be able to discuss the agreement with our constituents and to participate in a robust public debate, instead of being muzzled by classification rules,” Warren and Brown wrote. I totally agree. No fast track without public disclosure.”


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