“picking on the loners” — “the easiest targets”
They use the powers invested in them to prey on the weak. Bullies with badges who use the law to satisfy their personal petty hate of those who are different and alienated. “How do local cops get federal funding?–they game the system by punching up their numbers” “they don’t ever go against the bank president’s kid . . . (19:19) they allowed the UCs to review those children’s’ files, they knew they could manipulate him and get an arrest”

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 8.39.41 PM

“If he first came onto the FBI’s radar as a result of eavesdropping, then it’s plausible that as part of the sting, the FBI manufactured another explanation for his targeting. This is a long-running, if controversial process known as ‘parallel construction'”

#IllusionOfJustice #ParallelConstruction #CartBeforeTheHorse #EntrapmentNation #TheyBlameTheVictim

(54:32) “most Western countries do not permit entrapment by the government. The government should not be in the business of creating crimes for their own citizens. They should be protecting their own citizens.”

“blame the victim” is their motto, “stop hitting yourself” is their provocation
The poor need a secret police to protect us from the Big Banks and Military-Industrial-Academic Complex!
Instead of bailing them out when they destroy lives en masse, why don’t we whip up some entrapment operations on those who do the most damage to the common people?

(13:00) M.I.C.E. money, ideology, compromising information, Ego
had nothing to do with country, “it had to do with wanting to be in on the big game” “one American luring another american, a nation spying on itself”


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